Android 8 Oreo arrives but not for your phone and probably never will

On Tuesday, Google unveiled the definitive name of Android 8, also known as Android O. This is oats. O Octopus, something Google has cleverly hidden in the beta version of Android O. The new version of Android is called Oreo and, according to Google, is the sweetest version of its mobile operating system so far, today

Well, that sounds delicious. Android Oreo offers a number of unique features for the Android phone. Enhance the phone’s multitasking by activating the picture-in-picture mode for many applications. It also comes with a new notification system for lock screen, performance enhancements, a more aggressive drowsiness feature for better battery life and richer emojis. In other words, even though Oreo is not a substantial update of Google Android, it has enough new features to be very useful, that is, if your phone receives it.

Like I said, it’s tasty. Like the previous Turron or the Marshmallow 2015. Like previous versions of Android, Android Oreo will also reach existing smartphones at a quiet pace. But even then, it will only reach a handful of devices. On Tuesday, it began to give users of Google Pixel and Pixel XL the taste of Android Oreo.

Users who signed up for the Android beta program and were already running the fourth beta of Android O had it in the morning in India a few hours after Google revealed the name of Oreo. It was an update of 40 MB, only bug fixes and everything, since these people were already running Oreo and, once downloaded, installed in a jiffy.

Users of Pixel and Pixel XL, still in TurrĂ³n, will receive the Oreo in the coming days through the OTA (Over the Air) update. Ideally, the phone itself will tell you that an update is available. But if you want to manually check the OTA, you can do so by accessing the configuration application and checking for software update. This update has already begun to reach the phones, although not all users get it at the same time. But it is a safe bet that in about a week, all users of Pixel and Pixel XL will be offered the update of Oreo.

The Oreo update will also come directly from Google phones like the Nexus 6P, the Nexus 5X and some other Nexus devices. So far so good. But as soon as it is added to the mixers of other manufacturers, the image is complicated. For people who do not use a recent Nexus phone or a Pixel phone, the Oreo update is not so sweet. There are many more phones, for example, Nokia 6 and Galaxy S8, which will get the Oreo update, but when the phone manufacturers ask a question. However, only to demystify for you. If your phone has not updated Oreo yet, here are the reasons

Your phone is not manufactured by Google: this is the case for most people. The Google, Pixel and Nexus phones are the first to get the update for the Android version. Pixel already understood. Nexus phones (read Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P) will get it in the coming weeks and definitely within a month. Your phone does not work on Android. We’ve seen this over and over again that phones running Android usually get the upgrade version. For example, in the case of Oreo will get all recent phones that have been launched with Android. This means that Nokia 5, Nokia 6 and Nokia 3 will get Android Oreo in the coming days.

Then, I think, the latest motorcycle phones like the Moto Z2 Play. Similarly, OnePlus phones – OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T and OnePlus 5 – will get the Oreo because they run a heavily modified version of Android, much like Android. But if your phone does not work on Android, there are many chances that you will not get the Oreo update. And even if it is because it is a high-end phone like LG G6, Galaxy S8 or HTC U11, the update will be late because the companies will change Oreo before deploying it for their phones.

Your phone is manufactured by an Indian brand: Well, Indian phone manufacturers are notoriously bad when upgrading their phones to a new version of Android. If you are using an Indian branded handset, it is best not to expect the Android Oreo update.

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